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"Service is our middle name"

We can tailor a class to meet your specific needs

Product knowledge is the key to success in our industry and we are committed to sharing that knowledge with other professionals who specify, sell, install and service our products. In order to facilitate that concept, we have constructed a room at our Plymouth, Michigan office dedicated exclusively to educating and training interested individuals.

As the proud manufacturer’s representative of the Zoeller Pump Company, SJE Rhombus, and TOPP Industries, we can conduct training sessions that include all the components of a complete pump system. The sessions are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experiences. We have several operating workstations that cover a variety of pump system applications including grinder pumps, control panels, duplex systems, lift stations, backup systems, and alarms. Each attendee will have the opportunity to see up close exactly how these systems work.

The programs we offer include:

Pump Basics I

» Types of pumps
  •  Effluent/Dewatering
  • Sewage
  •  Grinder
» Types of Switches
» Backup Systems
  • Battery
  • Water Powered
» Alarms
» Controls
» Check Valve


» Specifications Writing
» Basin Sizing
» Run Time
» Design Consideration
» Specific Application:
  • Waste Water
  • Dewatering
  • Multi-Unit Housing
  • Elevators

Pump Basics II

» Pump Construction
» Design Considerations
» Pump Sizing
» Control Panel Designs
» Basin Sizing

Control Panel Troubleshoting

» Start-up Procedure
» Basic Electricity
» Switch Operation
» Relays/Capacitors
» 3 Phase Power
» Amp Readings

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